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Reference Publication:   Chandra, Subrato, Neil Moyer, Danny Parker, David Beal, David Chasar, Eric Martin, Janet McIlvaine, Ross McCluney, Andrew Gordon, Mike Lubliner, Mike McSorley, Ken Fonorow, Mike Mullens, Mark McGinley, Stephanie Hutchinson, David Hoak, and Linda Tozer. Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership, Annual Report - Fourth Budget Period. 04/01/03-03/31/04.
Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership, Annual Report - Fourth Budget Period





1.1 FSEC Technical Assistance


All America Homes


American Lung Association of Central Florida Health House


Cambridge Homes

Cardinal Homes  
City of Lubbock Community Development  
City of Orlando  
Clayton Homes  
Dukane Precast  
Eastern Dakota Housing Alliance  
EnergyGauge® USA  
Fallman Design and Construction  
Florida Solar Energy Research & Education Foundation  
Fleetwood Homes  
Genesis Homes  
Green Housing  
Habitat for Humanity  
Marquis Construction  
Miami-Dade HOPE VI Project  
Nationwide Homes  
Oakwood Homes  
Palm Harbor Homes  
Rey Homes  
Southern Energy Homes  
Stylecrest Sales  
Timeless Construction  
WCI Communities  
1.2 WSU Technical Assistance  
Blown Cellulose Floor Insulation  
Demonstration Homes  
Energy Star Partnerships  
High Efficiency Heat Pump Program  
In-Plant Inspections  
New Product and Technology Evaluation  
Problem Homes  
SGC Random Home Testing  
1.3 UCFIE Technical Assistance  
Building America Hickory Consortium  
Energy Design, Analysis, and Testing  
Factory Design  
Innovative Applications of Computer Technology on the Factory Floor  
Lean Production of Precast Concrete Panels  
1.4 Florida Home Energy Rating Organization Technical Assistance  
All America Homes  
AMJ Construction  
Atlantic Design and Construction  
Bellview Air  
Brookside Apartments - Sandspur Housing  
Dye Company & DelAir  
G.W. Robinson Builder/Developer  
Heat Pipe Technology  
HKW Enterprises  
Homes of Merit  
International Carbon Bank and Exchange  
Outside Air Study  
Podia Construx/Rainbow Springs Construction  
Spain Construction  
1.5 D.R.Wastchak Technical Assistance  
“Air Flow” Model Air Conditioning Unit Leakage  
Attic Ventilation Research  
1.6 Alten Design Technical Assistance  
Hoak Residence  
1.7 BAIHP Outreach  
Architects, Builders, Sub-Trades, and Realtor Training  
Building Science Conference Presentations  
Conference and Training Attendance  
Workshops/Training Courses  
1.8 Publications  
General Outreach  
Media Recognition  
Professional Papers  
Research Reports/Handbook Chapters  
Slide Presentation  

2.1 Moisture and IAQ Research  
Bossier City, Louisiana Experiments  
Building Science and Moisture Problems in Manufactured Housing  
Moisture-Plagued Southeast HUD Code Homes  
2.2 Field Monitoring  
Air Handler Study  
Condenser Fan Research  
Fenestration Research  
Floor Research  
NCA&TSU Side-by-Side Manufactured Home Monitoring  
Portable Classrooms  
Roof Research  
Appendix A - WSU Energy Program Report  
Appendix B - Case Study  
Appendix C - Research Papers  
Zero Energy Manufactured Home  
Northwest Portable Classroom Study  
Lean Homebuilding using Modular Technology  
Moisture Problems in Manufactured Housing: Probable Causes and Cures
Preventing House Dust Mite Allergens in New Housing  
Comparative Evaluation of the Impact of Roofing Systems on Residential Cooling Energy Demand in Florida
Appendix D - Trip Reports  
Southern Florida - Problem Home Inspection  
3 Houses around Houston - Problem Home Inspection, Testing and Possible Solutions 
Southern Mississippi - Problem Home Inspection, Testing and Possible Solutions
Southeast Texas – Energy Star, Manufactured Home Certification
Habitat for Humanity of Calhoun County, AL - Energy Efficiency Possibilities During
2003 Jimmy Carter Work Project
Southern Energy Homes Duct Tester Training, Plant Visit & Energy Star
Destiny Industries / Oakwood Homes Moultrie, GA Plant Inspection  
Clayton Homes Plant, Waycross GA - Plant visit and testing  

Disclaimer: This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States government. Neither the United States government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States government or any agency thereof. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States government or any agency thereof.

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