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SEBC 2014 Pre-conference Energy Forum: Results from Phased Deep Retrofits in Florida Homes
(July 2014)
Presenter: Karen Sutherland

Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Home Improvements for Florida Homes
(August 2012)
Presenter: Karen Sutherland

ENERGY STAR® Hot Water Systems for High Performance Homes Recorded Webinar
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(September 2011) slides available here
This webinar provides information about how to achieve energy savings from solar water heating, electric dedicated heat pump water heating, and gas tankless systems.
Presenter: BA-PIRC

Side-by-side homes
Measured Performance of Side-by-side, South Texas Homes
(December 2010)
Presenters: Dave Chasar, Valerie von Schramm, John Sherwin, and Subrato Chandra

U.S. Department of Energy's Builders Challenge
Spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Builders Challenge is a voluntary effort to provide compelling answers about home performance.
(October 2009)
Presenter: Building America


Building America Technical Assistance to Habitat for Humanity
(February 2007)
At the request of HFHI’s Construction and Environmental Resources Department, Building America participated in a National Construction Leadership Training  event in Gautier, Mississippi. Building America researchers provided classroom and hands-on training to help participants sharpen their understanding of building science concepts - a core element of construction leadership.
Presenter: Janet McIlvaine

Qualifying for the New Home Tax Credit
(February 27 – March 1, 2006)

Presenter: Phillip Fairey

Toy Story

Next Steps in Controlling Miscellaneous Electricity Energy Use in Building America Homes (January 2006)
Presentation will cast miscellaneous energy use in context of more efficient Building America homes attempting to illuminate several issues. Innovative solutions to these problems are illustrated with examples and measurements.
Presenter: Danny Parker


High Performance Housing
(July 2005)
The 2-hour SEBC introductory course on high performance homes will provide insight into designing and building that home. The course will define the requirements and explain reasons for various failures, including HVAC design, quality controls, and envelope compromises.
Presenters: Subrato Chandra, Neil Moyer of FSEC, Karen Childress of WCI Communities, and Jay Fechtel of The Fechtel Company


Producing Air Tight Ducts
(October 2004)

Understand why airtight ducts are essential in all climates. Options for duct systems, as well as, types of sealing materials and diagnostic procedures, will be presented. Get your ducts in a row!
Neil Moyer, Industrialized Housing Partnership (IHP)


Ventilation in Humid Climates: Data from Field Experts
(October 2004)
Task: produce a high performance Building America home that is healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, and is an energy miser. Whew, that seems attainable until we are faced with the ventilation and humidity challengethat exists, especially in a hot, humid climate. During this session you will explore a few solutions that will control interior humidity levels.
Presenter: Neil Moyer, Industrialized Housing Partnership (IHP)