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Monitoring equipment center
in the BA-PIRC Manufactured Housing Lab.

The Florida Solar Energy Center, prime contractor of BA-PIRC, has over 20 years experience in remote data monitoring and analysis. FSEC researchers have monitored hundreds of buildings, providing data for research on energy efficiency, indoor air quality and building durability.

A dedicated computer staff at FSEC ensures the quality and dependability of data collected simultaneously at multiple sites around the country. Data is stored in both public and secure electronic databases and backed-up automatically. Public access to Building America data is provided below for current and completed monitoring studies. Data collection routinely includes:

  • Solar Radiation
  • Wind Speed
  • Indoor and Outside Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Domestic Hot Water Energy, Flow and Temperatures
  • Total Building Energy Use
  • Energy Use for HVAC and Other End Uses as Needed
  • Solar Power Production
  • Geothermal Heat Pump Performance Parameters
  • Natural Gas Metering




Current Monitored Laboratories

Flexible Residential Test Facility
The Flexible Residential Test Facility (FRTF) consists of two heavily instrumented identical side-by-side homes in Cocoa, Florida with simulated occupancy. The east laboratory is currently housing an experiment to conduct In-situ measurement of the moisture buffering parameters of a home. The west laboratory is currently housing experiments for research to determine the impact of infiltration and ventilation on space conditioning loads.
Description & Data | Publication 2014

Hot Water Systems Lab
The objectives of the HWS lab are to conduct side-by-side tests of seven solar and conventional domestic hot water (DHW) systems to compare energy performance and time of day electric loads. Enhance and validate simulation models for water heating systems, especially solar integrated collector and storage (ICS) systems.
Description | Data | Publication 2010 | Publication 2013

Manufacturing Housing Lab
The Manufactured Housing Laboratory is a 1,600 ft2 ENERGY STAR® manufactured home that will serve as a BA-PIRC training center and building science laboratory.
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Night Cool
The Night Cool research site demonstrates an experimental building concept that uses the metal roof as a heat sink for cooling at nighttime. Once the attic air mass is cooled to a specific temperature, it is then circulated to the interior space to off-set internal heat gains and reduce the overall air conditioner energy use. The system has superior dehumidification performance because of a solar regenerated desiccant system in the attic.
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Current Monitored Homes

Phased Deep Retrofits
Together with Florida Power and Light, BA-PIRC is learning how energy efficiency in existing U.S. residences can be improved. A total of 60 Florida homes are being retrofit to receive simple low-cost, pass-through efficiency measures such as efficient lighting, low-flow showerheads, hot water tank and pipe insulation, and smart power strips. Ten homes are receiving much more extensive retrofits, optimized based on simulations and monitored data, including high efficiency heat pumps, hybrid water heaters, variable speed pool pumps, enhanced ceiling insulation, and Energy Star appliances. Detailed energy end-use data is being collected pre- and post-retrofit.
Description & Data

Chasar Residence
Chasar Residence: Cocoa, FL
The Chasar home has provided measured performance since 2000 for a 1992 code minimum home. Measurements currently include energy use; ambient, indoor and attic temperature and RH; as well as water heater performance. The home had a white metal roof retrofitted in 2005. Monitoring of the solar water heating system installed in 1999 began in 2010.
Description & Data | Publication

Parker Residence Parker Residence: Cocoa Beach, FL
Monitoring of this deep retrofit, zero energy home began in November 2010. Energy consumption is offset by a 4.9 kW photovoltaic system. Features include white reflective roof, solar hot water heating, replacement of single glazed units to high efficiency solar control windows, exterior insulation over CBS construction, SEER 26 HSPF 12 mini-split AC system, all tile flooring, CFL lighting, whole house fan ventilation, and gas appliances. The 2000 ft2 home is occupied by a family of four.
Description & Data | Publication

Completed Monitoring Studies

Zero Energy Home: Gainesville, FL
It is an unoccupied single story three bedroom/two bath home with ~1,500 ft2 of living space. The house has all ENERGY STAR® appliances, water star plumbing fixtures, and a 80 ft2/120 gallon drainback solar hot water system. While it was planned to be a zero energy home, site shading and equipment issues have lowered its performance. Data collection began in July 2008 and ended in March 2014.
Description & Data


Net Zero Energy Home 1: Gainesville, FL
Built by Tommy Williams Homes, this home is Florida's first production built, net zero energy home. It is a single story three bedroom + office/ two and half bath home with 2,248 sqft of living space and a HERS rating of -2. Energy consumption is offset by a 6.75 kW photovoltaic system. It has double pane, low e vinyl windows, R-15 wall insulation, R-30 ceiling, and a radiant barrier. Heating and cooling is provided by a 2.8 ton, SEER 16 heat pump with all ducting in conditioned space. Data collection began in May 2010 and ended in October 2012. 
Description & Data | Publication

Net Zero Energy Home 2: Gainesville, FL
This production built, net zero energy home was built by Tommy Williams and has a HERS rating of 1. It is a single story three bedroom / two bath home with 1,546 sqft of living space. Energy consumption is offset by a 5.4 kW photovoltaic system. The home also has double pane, low e vinyl windows, R-15 wall insulation, R-30 ceiling, and a radiant barrier. Heating and cooling is provided by a 2 ton, SEER 16 heat pump with all ducting in conditioned space. Data collection began in January 2011 and ended in November 2012.
Description & Data

KB Home GreenHouse™: Windermere, FL
This production built, net zero energy home was built by KB Home and has been recognized with certifications including the U.S. DOE Builders Challenge, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® and WaterSense® qualification, LEED for Homes® Platinum, and Environments for Living® Green. It is a single story three bedroom + flex room, two bath home with 2667 ft2 of living space and a HERS rating of 0. Energy consumption is offset by a 8.6 kW, split photovoltaic system (5.7 kW south / 2.9 kW east). Home occupancy began in late May 2011. Data collection began in April 2011 and ended in January 2013.
Description & Data | Publication

CC2 Apt
Side-by-side Gas Water Heater Comparison: Lakeland, FL
Cambridge Cove II is an 80 unit apartment complex consisting of 8, 2-story buildings, a central clubhouse and community pool. The apartments use natural gas for cooking, drying, space heating and hot water. Two 3-bedroom apartments have been instrumented to measure the savings of a tankless gas water heater (EF 0.82) over a tank-type gas water heater (ef 0.62) typically used by Atlantic Housing in their developments. Data collection began in December 2008 and ended in February 2013.
Description & Data

Near Zero Energy Home: Panama City, FL
This factory built modular home was the first home in Florida to achieve a LEED for Homes Platinum rating. It is a two story three bedroom/two bath home with 1,371 ft2 of living space and a HERS rating of 26. When data collection began in August 2008, the home was occupied by one person, and in late 2008, the home was converted into a builder sales office. Data collection ended in August 2012.
Description | Data | Publication

Near Zero Energy Home: Gainesville, FL
Occupied by a family of two, this home is a 1,772 ft2, single story, three bedroom/two bath home with a HERS rating of 29. It features a west facing 3,150 watt photovaltaic system and solar hot water system. It has R-30 insulated ceiling, double pane low e windows, radiant barrier decking, and reflective metal shingles. Space conditioning is accomplished by 95% AFUE gas furnace and a SEER 19 air conditioner with all the duct work contained within the conditioned space. Data collection began in July 2008 and ended in July 2012.
Description & Data | Publication

Three Side-by-side Home Comparison: San Antonio, TX
As part of the U.S. DOE Building America program, FSEC and CPS Energy evaluated the performance of three homes in San Antonio, Texas with identical ~2,000 ft2 floor plans and orientation. One home built to builder standard practice served as the control (CP1), while the other homes (CP2 & CP3) demonstrated high performance features. Data collection began in March 2009 and ended in April 2011.
Publication 2010 | Publication 2012

Schroeders Builders: North Port, FL
This high performance ~1,450 ft2 home features a dual-oriented photovoltaic and solar water heating system. The house has a HERS index of 24. The thermal envelope consists of concrete walls (R-7.8), a vented attic with R-38 insulation, and radiant barrier decking with shingle roof. Occupied by a family of 6. Data available from December 1999 to November 2009.

Highly Efficient Central Florida Home
This home in Longwood, Florida near Orlando was completed in 2001 with BA-PIRC design assistance. Using the systems approach, a package of features was used to produce an exceptionally energy efficient design at a reasonable cost. Data collection began in February 2001 and ended in September 2009.

Filter Back Grill Experiment
Filter Back Grill Experiment
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effectiveness of filter back grills by testing the airflow through various duct and filter systems.
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