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Picture of Danny Parker.Danny Parker

Principal Research Scientist
Buildings Research Division
Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
1679 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL 32922

Ph. 321-638-1405 / Fax. 321-638-1439
email: dparker@fsec.ucf.edu

Danny Parker is Principal Research Scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). He specializes in collecting and analyzing measured data taken from residential and commercial buildings to determine how efficiency and renewable sources can dramatically lower energy needs. Parker has spent the last 25 years of his career in the field of building systems energy-efficiency research with the last 16 years at FSEC. He has been involved in a variety of evaluations of advanced technologies in buildings, from detailed laboratory studies to large-scale utility monitoring projects. These have included pioneering work on cool roofing materials, design, implementation and monitoring of the first Zero Energy Home in Florida as well as development of a patented high efficiency ceiling fan which was the genesis of a new Energy Star program for ceiling fans. He holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Montana. He currently is a member of the Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership team, sponsored by the US Department of Energy, where he conducts research to develop and evaluate advanced technologies for future residential applications.