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BA-PIRC Partnership with
On Top of the World

Ocala, FL

Florida H.E.R.O., a BA-PIRC subcontractor, worked with this builder to incorporate Building America components and systems into the production schedule. All homes built by On Top of the World after July 2007 qualify for the federal tax credit. FL H.E.R.O. also provides commissioning, completion of the Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist (TBIC), on-site refresher training to review the requirements for TBIC and assists in-house staff with the development of collateral marketing material promoting the Building America Program. On Top of the World has committed to accept the Builders’ Challenge and has implemented the measures necessary to meet the Builders’ Challenge goal of 70 index or less. As of mid 2008, Florida H.E.R.O. is no longer serving as the energy rater for this builder.

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