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BA-PIRC Partnership with
LifeStyle Homes

Melbourne, FL


LifeStyle Homes became a Building America partner in late 2008 and completed their first Builders Challenge level home in April of 2009. Subsequently, LifeStyle launched a product line of Builders Challenge level homes called SunSmart. Later in 2009, LifeStyle committed to building all of their homes to a HERS Index of 60 or less.

LifeStyle Homes continues production of homes meeting the Builders Challenge and a HERS Index of 60. This partner has retained their own HERS rater to continue ratings and certifications originally provided by BAIHP. BA-PIRC will continue to provide technical assistance to LifeStyle for a developing community of Maximized Energy Efficiency Homes in Melbourne, FL. In addition, LifeStyle Homes has expressed an interest in developing a business model for high performance retrofits.

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