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Portable Classrooms
Pacific Northwest

This project provides technical assistance to portable classroom manufacturers, school districts and related organizations interested in improving the quality of learning and energy efficiency of portable classrooms. Several portables at various sites in the Pacific Northwest are being monitored.

BAIHP team members and their tasks:

Washington State University

  • Develop procurement standards for new and retrofit portable classrooms
  • Facilitate data collection from instrumented classrooms and analyze the data
  • Develop and administer a survey for occupants of the instrumented classrooms
  • Collect and analyze available historical data on existing portables and conduct short term diagnostic tests
  • Make site visits to manufacturers and school districts to provide technical assistance and education in energy efficiency and daylighting techniques
  • Conduct a revised technical and economic analysis of energy efficiency measures for portable classrooms
  • Convene workshops for all interested parties

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Assist WSU with data collection and analysis
  • install and maintain the monitoring equipment.

Florida Solar Energy Center

  • post project progress and current data on the web

Currently Monitored Projects:

infoWest Jr. High School, Boise, Idaho
Pinewood Elementary School, Marysville, Washington

West Sylvan Middle School, Portland, Oregon

All data is downloaded daily to FSEC via modem. Data summaries can be accessed online at the InfoMonitors web site for the Boise , Marysville, and Portland projects.