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Cambridge Homes at Baldwin Park Case Study

dscBAIHP worked with Cambridge Homes to create a demonstration model home that showcases both energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The home is located in the model center of Baldwin Park, a new traditional neighborhood located in Orlando, a little more than two miles from downtown.

The community of Baldwin Park is developed on land that was once home to the Orlando Naval Training Center. Baldwin Park is 30% larger than New York’ Central Park, totaling approximately 1100 acres. 400 acres are set aside for parks and open space, while 700 acres are used for the construction of 3,000 homes, one million square feet of office space, and 200,000 square feet of retail space.  Cambridge Homes is one of ten builders constructing homes in the community, and plans to build a total of 700 homes in the community.

In Florida, air conditioning energy use makes up about 40% of total energy use (see pie chart), making it the primary target for energy saving strategies. And the most threatening health risks revolve around high indoor humidity (which contributes to mold growth) and indoor pollutants.

pie chartAll Cambridge homes at Baldwin Park qualify for the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star distinction, meaning that the homes save 30% in heating, cooling, and water heating energy use compared to a standard Reference House and save about 20% compared to the Florida Energy Code.

Cambridge Homes has noticed that more and more, buyers are shopping with a eye on long term benefits, seeking investments that provide multiple benefits. Expanding on the package described above, Cambridge offers a broader stroke against home energy bills, health issues, and durability concerns in its Building America Showcase Model.

The Building America Showcase Model exceeds Cambridge’s standard array of energy and health features. Clients can elect to have one or all of the options in the Building America Showcase. Click on an option button below to get a brief description of the model's improvements.

Cambridge Homes at Baldwin Park


Building America Showcase Options


The BA Showcase Model, as well as a standard model built to minimum Cambridge Homes specifications, have been instrumented and monitored in order to quantify the benefits of the advanced features of the showcase home.