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* FSEC Researchers Seek New Construction Builder Partners *

FSEC’s Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction (BA-PIRC) is seeking new construction builder partners willing to collaborate on research leading to cost effective zero energy and zero energy ready homes. Builder partners are expected to construct homes in which researchers will investigate and document whole house performance, including component system interactions. Typical specifications include HERS < 55, ducts inside the conditioned space, and whole building mechanical ventilation. In return, FSEC can provide technical and marketing assistance, including publicity and promotion via case studies, reports, and presentations. Previous FSEC research has shown that adoption of this level of performance has resulted in builders selling more homes, increasing their market share amongst competitors, and increasing profits. Homeowners appreciate the low energy bills, enhanced comfort, and sustained value.

Contact us if you are a builder already constructing homes to this level of performance, or are willing to receive technical assistance towards construction of a prototype home (pre-sale, inventory or model home). Act now! There is a limited availability of partnerships, and BA-PIRC is prioritizing available assistance to builders constructing more than 10 homes per year. 

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For More Information

Contact Joseph Montemurno at 321-638-1451 or jmontemurno@fsec.ucf.edu